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segunda-feira, agosto 06, 2012

The Right Thing To Do (after day is done or before it has begun)

Piece of Cake:
  • Torção de cintura - quatro séries de 90 repetições.
  • Sentar para cima com torções - quatro séries de 20 repetições.
  • Elevações de perna - quatro séries de 20 repetições.
  • Torções inclinadas - quatro séries de 50 repetições.
  • Pontapés em posição de rã - quatro séries de 50 repetições.

    ..."et voilà"
(The Right Lee's Thing To Do)

"I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude."

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