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domingo, julho 08, 2012


They only want you when you're seventeen.
I was standing. New in town - on the radio.
I just don't like my stuff anymore.

You've got to hide your love away.
I'm not seventeen. Sound of silver. You were there.
You were standing. Don't invent me.
I want you.
If you want me let me know, let it show.

I think we've waited. Sound of silver.
It just ain't gonna work out. Sound of Silver! When i'm sixty nine. Home.
...Take on me.

Something i just got to say.
Words are meaningless...

Something in your eyes has made a fool of me. In your eyes, what on earth...?

Music gets the best of me. Our love is like the flowers. When you runaway you can go anywhere. Like the sea, and the hours.
Keep it coming. Someone great. A kind of magic. Crazy little thing.
I'm spinning around.
I'm the one.

I don't want to be the one, we don't wanna wait, i don't wanna go solo, i don't wanna be the one to make all the noise. Love spent. All you need is here with me... Please, protect me from what i want.

Freelove - upside down: chain reaction; you can't hurry love.

I feel for you.
Pure Morning - sound in your eyes, kissing the sun.
Silver! I am the black gold of the sun. I'm into you. Strike me down, i'll be everything i'm not. Come as you are, and... as i want you to be. I'm only human, i'm not the only one. I'm the one. Heartbeats. Sleepyhead - sleepy time. Talk to me in a language i can speak. Can't get you out of my head, i'll be everything you want. Love me love me love me. The man that i love loves you, so i will love you too. Crazy little thing called love. Obsession of the heart. It shouldn't happen this way, good thing.
Suspicious minds, i'm all shook up - do you wanna dance? Do you wanna bump a happy song?
You don't care about us.
Stuck on repeat: The Romantics want you around. I wanna be sedated, call me - knock on wood with a one way ticket, kiss me out of desire - waiting, longing - to justify my love, love. Is it love or desire?
Life's what you make it. Words are working hard for you.

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