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sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2011

Reloaded "game"!

Pick an artist/musician and answer the questions with songs...

(My artist: Madonna)

Are you a man or a female?: Super Pop
Describe yourself: Amazing
How are you feeling right now? Into the Groove
Describe the city you're living in: Hollywood
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: I Love New York
Your favorite form of transportation: Jump
Your best friend: Incredible
Your favorite color: True Blue
What's the weather like?: Rain
Your favorite time of the day: Ray of Light
If your life were a TV-program, what would it be called?: Holiday
What is your life like?: Music
Your current relationship: Gone
I expect from the future: You Must Love Me
I wouldn't mind: La Isla Bonita
I fear: To Have and Not to Hold
Your best advice right now: Get Together
If I would change my name right now, it would be: Jimmy, Jimmy
Aphorism for today: Material Girl
My motto: Express Yourself

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