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sábado, novembro 26, 2011

♥in' the song(s)

(«"In the Mood" opens with a now-famous sax section theme based on repeated arpeggios that are rhythmically displaced; trumpets and trombones add accent riffs. The arrangement has two solo sections; a "tenor fight" solo—in the most famous recording, between Tex Beneke and Al Klink—and a 16-bar trumpet solo. The arrangement is also famous for its ending: a coda that climbs triumphantly, then sounds a simple sustained unison tonic pitch with rim shot.»)

Diz também que, na altura, as leis do registo/patente vigorantes permitiam uma série de vigarices...
Há rumores de que o Glenn Miller e pandilha (editora discográfica) tenham "pago para calar", e poder ficar com os créditos da famosa "In the mood". O patife.

Já o Lee, nunca nos enganou.
"You'll never get out of this world alive (...) sooner or later, we'll all make the little flowers grow...".

 I rest my case (for today).  
_In Loving Memory_

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