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domingo, setembro 19, 2010

what else III e IV


"15 livros porque sim"
ou: "15 livros porque até sou bonzinho"

À Espera no Centeio, J. D. Salinger
Contos, Tchekhov
Werther, Göethe
A Espuma dos Dias, Boris Vian
Por Favor Não Matem a Cotovia, Harper Lee
Memorial do Convento, José Saramago
O Velho Que Lia Romances de Amor, Luis Sepulveda
O Deus das Moscas, William Golding
Os Ratoneiros, William Faulkner
A Árvore, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
As Cidades Invisíveis, Italo Calvino
O Grande Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Os Três Mosqueteiros, Alexandre Dumas
Havana Para um Infante Defunto, Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Ou o Poema Contínuo, Herberto Helder

"(current) Smoke Rings:
vinha a pensar em vários, mas aqui vai (c/ comentários às perguntas e tudo)":

My artist: Madonna
Are you a man or a female?: (hmm...) Where's The Party
Describe yourself: (you first!) Express Yourself
How are you feeling right now?: Heartbeat
Describe the city you're living in: (maybe) Lucky Star
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: (no exactly answering a place but...) Deeper And Deeper
Your favorite form of transportation: (it's Give it 2 me
Your best friend: (not sure of this) Incredible
Your favorite color: (i would say all you can find in a rainbow but most of the times i'm a fool for) True Blue
What's the weather like?: (almost) Amazing
Your favorite time of the day: (it depends) Ray of Light
If your life were a TV-program, what would it be called?: (i could go for) Holiday
What is your life like?: Music
Your current relationship: Secret
What gives?: Into The Groove
I expect from the future: Love Profusion
I wouldn't mind: La Isla Bonita
I fear: (maybe i could point a) Borderline
Your best advice right now: (a pretty good selfish addictive advice) Get Together
If I would change my name right now, it would be: (hmm...) Deeper & Deeper
Aphorism for today: (or tomorrow or whatever) Celebration
The way I would like to go: (where??:P)
My motto: (most of the times just like) Material Girl (if you know what i mean)

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