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terça-feira, maio 18, 2010

Merry age / Have one on me (or two or three)

"If you ever need a stranger
To sing at your wedding
A last minute choice
Then I am your man

I know every song, you name it
By Bacharach or David
Every stupid lovesong
That's ever touched your heart

Every power ballad that's ever
Climbed the charts

You think it's funny
My obsession with the holy matrimony
But I'm just so amazed to witness true love

And true love can be measured
Through these simple pleasures
They are waiting there for you
To be discovered

I would cut of my right arm
To be someones lover

Maybe I'll meet her there tonight
At the wedding buffee
I walk up to her
When she's caught the bouquet
And oh, it's just like a whirlwind"

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